Exhibitor Guide


Friday 9th June Set Up Day

Saturday 10th June 10am - 5pm

Sunday 11th June 11am - 4pm Site de-construction 5pm - 9pm


Hover your cursor over an exhibitor plot on the map below to find out more details. For all enquiries please contact info@brightonandhovemotorshow.com


Exhibitor plots are open to manufacturers, dealerships, retailers and suppliers within reasonable area of Brighton and Hove.


To enquire about sponsoring one of the topical zones or to receive a sponsor and exhibitor rate card please contact info@brightonandhovemotorshow.com 

Motorshow Exhibitor Guide Test Drive Zone Family Zone Innovation zone Leasing zone Classic Motors Zone Motorcycle Zone Go-Karting Zone Motorsports Zone Car Care Zone Plot 1 Plot 2 Plot 3 Plot 4 Plot 5 Plot 6 Plot 7 Plot 8 Plot 9 Plot 10 Plot 11 Plot 12 Plot 13 Plot 14 Plot 15 Plot 16

Plot 1
Size: 183m²
Status: Sold

Plot 2
Size: 197m²
Status: Available

Plot 3
Size: 199m²
Status: Sold

Plot 4
Size: 171m²
Status: Sold

Plot 5
Size: 196m²
Status: Sold

Plot 6
Size: 151m²
Status: Sold

Plot 7
Size: 192m²
Status: Sold

Plot 8
Size: 248m²
Status: Sold

Plot 9
Size: 197m²
Status: Available

Plot 10
Size: 188m²
Status: Available

Plot 11
Size: 213m²
Status: Available

Plot 12
Size: 239m²
Status: Sold

Plot 13
Size: 250m²
Status: Sold

Plot 14
Size: 634m²
Status: Sold

Plot 15
Size: 785m²
Status: Sold

Plot 16
Size: 903m²
Status: Sold