Award-winning FOXY Lady Drivers Club is the UK's only motoring club for women. Members enjoy exclusive offers, VIP services at female friendly garages, shared feedback and friendly support when motoring gets stressful.

FOXY has three main business objectives:

1/ To improve motoring services for women.

2/ To identify the best motoring businesses.

3/ To promote exciting motor industry careers to women.

Whilst recognising that the UK automotive industry is a long way short of being good enough, Foxy Ladies thinks it’s time for a female nudge to raise the quality bar higher for all. And whilst we’re at it, to remind motoring critics, that women drive as well as men… and often a lot better in our experience.

Improving Motoring Services for Women

“Research confirms that whilst women are increasingly independent, wealthy and influencing 80%+ of motoring sales” Steph explains “too many of us worry about being overcharged and patronised when shopping for cars or garage services.”

Needless to say there are many automotive businesses doing a fantastic job but how can motorists tell which ones they are? To help women here FOXY identifies, approves and monitors those that meet demanding standards to distinguish them from lacklustre others.

This is a job that sister website FOXY Choice does for the benefit of the UK’s best motoring businesses AND women drivers alike.

Another example of the FOXY philosophy in action is the recent FOXY Lady Insurance service which aims to cut the cost of car insurance for nine out of ten safe women drivers. Because this is reserved for Club members, who can only be women, FOXY can legitimately exclude boy racers which reduces premiums and insurer risk in one.

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